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6ix (Drum Kit / Midi Kit)

6ix (Drum Kit / Midi Kit) - Introducing the ultimate Drake-inspired MIDI Drum Kit crafted for producers seeking the quintessential sound of chart-topping hits. This exclusive collection embodies the signature rhythm and groove synonymous with Drake's music, featuring a diverse array of meticulously programmed MIDI patterns that mirror his iconic drum arrangements. From crisp snares to punchy kicks, each element is designed to deliver the unparalleled quality demanded by top-tier producers. Elevate your production game and effortlessly infuse your beats with the essence of Drake's sound, ensuring your music stands out in the competitive world of modern hip-hop. This high-quality MIDI Drum Kit is a must-have for producers aspiring to create tracks with the same level of sophistication and style as the multi-platinum artist himself.


This Drum kit + Midi Kit Includes:


  • [+131] Drum Kit Sounds (808 +13 Kick +22 Snare +21 Percs +13 Cymbals +19 Open-hat +11 Hi-hats +21 FX +11 Bonus Midi +15)
  • [+15] Bonus Midi Files
  • Designed by Platinum Producer (StudioPlug)
  • Inspired by (Drake, Future, 21 Savage, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin)
  • Music category (Hiphop/Trap)
  • Works in all daw's such as (FL Studio, Ableton, Pro Tools, Cubase & etc)

6ix (Drum Kit / Midi Kit)

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