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Adonis (Midi Kit)

Adonis (Midi Kit) - Create haunting but yet emotional melodic dark trap beats using our Dark Trap Melodic MIDI Kit "Adonis". Drawing inspiration from the haunting vibes of Drake, Travis Scott and Metro Boomin. This meticulously curated collection is designed to infuse your productions with enigmatic melodies that echo the brooding atmospheres of these iconic artists. From melancholy piano phrases reminiscent of Drake's introspective moments to the ethereal synth textures that define Travis Scott's atmospheric soundscapes, this melodic MIDI kit provides a rich palette of haunting elements. Explore the shadows of your creativity and elevate your dark trap productions with the evocative tones found within this essential toolkit.


This Dark Trap Midi Kit Includes:


[+25] Dark Trap Piano Midi Files

Inspired by (Drake, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, Nardo Wick, Don Toliver, 808 Mafia, Lil Baby)

Music category (Hiphop/Trap)

Lablled By Key & Bpm

Installation Manual Included

Works in all daw's such as (FL Studio, Ableton, Pro Tools, Cubase & etc)



WARNING Using this midi kit will flood your DAW with ideas and creativity. Some midis will have you chop and manipulate to create the best structures for your musical pieces. Have fun and enjoy the creation!

Adonis (Midi Kit)

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price

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