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Astronautics (Portal Preset Bank)

Astronautics (Portal Preset Bank) - Travel the cosmic space of sonic spacey glitchy presets! Unleash otherworldly textures and mind-bending tones that defy the conventional boundaries of sound. This collection takes inspiration from the cosmic void, blending glitchy artifacts with ethereal atmospheres to transport your music to uncharted territories. Elevate your productions with a fusion of glitchy pulses, warped space, and cosmic anomalies. Whether you're crafting futuristic digital trap beats or exploring the outer edges of ambient soundscapes, our spacey glitchy preset bank is your passport to a universe of glitch-infused, atmospheric audio adventures. Embrace the glitch, ride the cosmic waves, and let your creativity soar to new dimensions! 


This Portal Preset Bank Includes:

  • (+50) Portal Presets
  • (+10) Midis
  • Sounds Inspired By (Drake, Travis Scott, Future, Don Toliver, The Weeknd)
  • Sounds Inspired By (Digital, Ambient, Space, Reverse)
  • Works in all daw's such as (FL Studio, Ableton, Pro Tools, Cubase & etc)
  • Must Have Latest Version Of Output Portal Vst
  • Installation Manual Included


WARNING Using this bank will flood your DAW with ideas and creativity. Some presets will have you chop and manipulate to create the best tones & textures for your musical pieces. Have fun and enjoy the creation!

Astronautics (Portal Preset Bank)

$25.00 Regular Price
$12.50Sale Price

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