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Sapphire (Analog Lab V Bank + One Shot Kit)

Sapphire (Analog Lab V Bank) - Comes with (+25) ambient, electric guitar presets that offers infinite possibilities when making beats and ensuring each preset you use is unique and original! This analog lab bank also comes with [+25] one shot samples exported from the presets themselfs to use as wav files and (+1) bonus guitar midi melody inspired by genres and platinum winning artists / producers such as [Lil Baby, Future, Gunna, Travis Scott] & many more!


This Analog Lab V Preset Bank + One Shot Kit Includes:


  • [+25] Custom Made Presets (Ambient Guitars, Electric Guitars)
  • [+25] One Shot Samples (Ambient Guitars, Electric Guitars)
  • [+1] Bonus Guitar Midi File
  • Inspired by (Lil Baby, Future, Gunna, Travis Scott)
  • Music category (Hiphop/Trap)
  • Installation Manual Included
  • Must Have Latest Version of Analog Lab V 
  • Must Have Latest Version of Pigments
  • Works in all daw's such as (FL Studio, Ableton, Pro Tools, Cubase & etc)

Sapphire (Analog Lab V Bank + One Shot Kit)

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price

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