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Blockchain (Portal Bank) - Free Demo Download

Surf the crypto blockhain technology using our exclusive Portal Preset Bank "BLOCKCHAIN". This "PORTAL" bank contains [+7] free custom ambient, digital, spacey, reversed presets designed to flip and manipulate counter melodies and/ or entire samples. Inspired beats like artist's and producers such as [FUTURE, LIL BABY, METRO BOOMIN, 808 MAFIA, NARDO WICK, TRAVIS SCOTT] and many more producers and artist's! Upgrade your sound production with this bank!


This Free Portal Preset Bank Demo Includes:


WARNING Using this bank will flood your DAW with ideas and creativity. Some presets will have you chop and manipulate to create the best tones & textures for your musical pieces. Have fun and enjoy the creation!

Blockchain (Portal Bank) - Free Demo Download


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